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Hello and welcome to my AP Biology Blog! My name is Sachi Bopardikar and I am currently a junior at Notre Dame Belmont High School. I am so excited to start my journey exploring the natural world. This site will contain blog posts and other work from class. You can also get to know me by viewing the video below!

Reflecting on my Website Experience…

At the start of this year, I had barely any practice blogging or managing websites. Through the creation of this site, I have gained so much experience that I know will be of great use to me as I grow older. Looking back, however, there have been many challenges. I had trouble at first becoming using the WordPress platform because it was so foreign to me. I faced many technological challenges in trying to create a drop down menu, navigation bar, and link posts rather than pages to my site. It took me a while, but once I got accustomed with the platform, I was able to be more creative in my posts, for example by learning about what forms of new media I could link to my posts or how I could organize my site to be most aesthetically pleasing for viewers.

Overall, I highly recommend using WordPress if you are considering creating a new site. The WordPress platform allows users to be much more creative in the look, multimedia incorporation, and organization of their sites. Simpler site platforms might be a bit less complicated, but will not allow your site to be as customizable. Since WordPress has many theme and organization options, users can make their sites look more professional or artistic when compared to a simpler platform such as Google Sites.

After a whole year of AP Bio filled with an abundance of blogs and posts, I think that maintaining a site is an important skill to have. In most all professions, organization, communication, and publicity all play some role. Through managing this site, I have gained valuable lessons about how to incorporate multi media in meaningful ways, effectively use social media to publicize my posts, write in engaging ways, and communicate complex information through a simple and easy to understand avenue. I learned that whatever information you have, however interesting it may be, must be presented in an engaging or exciting way for people to sink into the content. Think about it…if you see a page in an AP Biology textbook with chunks of small text about complex biological concepts, you are less inclined to read it. But if you see the same information presented through a video or infographic, you’ll be more interested in the same information. You may even share the contents with your friends or family!

Anyways, I am sad this year is coming to an end, but hey, at least I have my site to look back on. Hopefully this reflection encouraged you to create your own site about something you are passionate about. One thing I gathered after looking at the sites of my peers was that if you are passionate about something, this passion will shine through your post. So if you are worried, don’t be…just start writing!

Dear Future AP Bio…

Wow, I cannot believe the school year is coming to a close! After learning so much about the AP Biology course, I wanted to make a video to share a few tips and pieces of advice to help Team AP Bio 2020-2021. Hopefully these words of wisdom will help AP Bio’s next team as they embark on their biology adventures next fall.


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